Exhibiting Artist members of The Art League may submit up to three works to digital entry shows; only one may be accepted. The entry fee is $5 per work. For most monthly juried shows, approximately 20% of submissions will be accepted.

If you have an All-Inclusive Exhibiting Artist Membership*, make sure you enter the call for each exhibit labeled "All-Inclusive."

If you are not an exhibiting member of The Art League but are interested in submitting work, visit our website for more information and how to join.

*Specialty Exhibits that are in addition to the regular monthly exhibit (Petite December, Tabletop, Etc.) require all artists to pay a flat entry fee. 


Ends on May 15, 2019$30.00 - 35.00
$30.00 - 35.00

Juried by: Hitomi & Takuro Shibata
June 4 - June 30, 2019
 Submission: By Digital Entry Only, open to both Art League exhibiting members and non-members.

 This exhibit will showcase the artistry of various functional wares  associated with the table. Mediums that will be accepted include  ceramic, metal, fiber, wood, and glass. All works must be functional.  There is a 40 lbs weight restriction. For artists considering entering  furniture, please contact staff at gallery@theartleague.org
Digital Entry Deadline: May 15th, 2019
 $30 for Art League Exhibiting members and $35 for non-members, for up to three works.
 Exhibit is by digital entry. Images must be in a JPEG  format, 300 dpi, and no smaller than 2100 pixels at the longest  dimension.

 Artwork Drop-off/ Arrival Deadline: June 2, 2019
Accepted artwork must arrive to The Art League gallery (via UPS, FedEx, or in-person) by June 3.
In-person drop-off times:
Friday, May 31, 10:00 am–6:00 pm
Saturday, June 1 ,10:00 am–5:00 pm
Sunday, June 2, 12:00 noon–6:00 pm
Monday, June 3, 10:00 am–6:00 pm
Ceramics – $1,000 for Best in Show; Two, $400 Equal Merit awards
Functional Art Forms – $1,000 for Best in Show; Two, $400 Equal Merit awards


  • All works must be functional.
  • $30 entry fee for up to 3 works; up to 2 works can be accepted.  
  • Any works must be safe for consumption if that is their intended function. 
  • If works are shipped, a return label must be included with appropriate wrapping and a shipment waiver must be signed. 
  • Ceramic work may not be larger than 16” X 16” X 16”


       Other Functional Artwork must be no larger than 16” X 16” X 16”  with exceptions made for fiber work (such as tablecloths or runners). Note: for artists who wish to enter furniture (such as tables or dining chairs), please contact the Gallery: gallery@theartleague.org or 703-683-1780 before submitting your online entry.

 All work must be for sale. No  single work may exceed $6,000 in value. Artists will pay a 40%  commission to the Gallery on all sales. Commissions will be paid after the close of the exhibit.

 Works are chosen by the selected juror based on her/his curatorial vision and aesthetic.

Delivery & Return:

  • Works accepted for exhibition may be hand-delivered or shipped to The Art League. Exhibitors are responsible for the cost of transporting artworks to and from the exhibit. 
  • The  artist is responsible for the shipping cost to and from the  Gallery – shipping through UPS or FedEx only. All work must include a pre-paid return shipping label. Artists planning to ship must request a shipment waiver from the gallery.  Place the prepaid shipping label and waiver in an envelope and attach it to the outside of your shipping container.
  • Use  care when packing your artwork. Wrap carefully with bubble wrap or  foam, place box with ceramic piece inside a second, larger box  cushioned with protective materials such as foam “popcorn” or bubble wrap. Tape both boxes carefully on all sides. Work will be  returned in the same containers.

  About the jurors, Hitomi & Takuro Shibata

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